EMP Showcase 2011

Introducing for the first time at our 10th annual WAISC conference EMP Opportunities Showcase. This year's WAISC will feature two exclusive EMP showcase sessions. Space is limited to first 14 EMD firms.

Get a chance to present to a large buy side audience at Canada's biggest alternative investment show!

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Alta Pacific Mortgage Investment Corp. (MIC) is Western Canada’s most secure private mortgage fund. Our mortgage fund's focus is on capital security and consistent performance. The mortgage fund targets an 8-11% annual return to its investors and has achieved this target return in the 2009 and 2010 fiscal year (12.75% and 12.21% respectively). Alta Pacific is a great choice for Canadians looking for a safe and reliable home for their registered funds (e.g. RRSP) and open investments. Investors can choose to receive monthly cash dividends or participate in the share re-investment program. Investors who choose the monthly cash dividend receive 8% per annum paid monthly via cheque or direct deposit.
Alta Pacific MIC is an Exempt Market Security which means investors place funds through approved Financial Advisors. Advisors, financial planners, interested investors, mortgage professionals, and industry analysts are invited to speak directly with an Alta Pacific partner.
Investing in today’s financial world can be confusing. The founders of Alta Pacific believe that investing in Western Canadian mortgages is a better choice. With over 50 years combined experience in mortgages and real estate investing, we are helping Western Canadians realize consistent returns.

Steve Froese
Steve Froese is partner and director with Alta Pacific Mortgage Investment Corp. In addition to Alta Pacific, Steve is co-founder and partner in Dominion Properties based in Edmonton Alberta. Dominion Properties acts as Alta Pacific's Manager in sourcing and administering mortgages for Alta Pacific MIC.
From 1993 to 1998, Steve was a Realtor and part owner of Windermere Realty in Abbotsford BC. He was the top selling real estate agent for the firm in 1996 and 1997. Steve has general contracted residential and commercial projects in BC and Alberta, owns and manages a commercial mortgage portfolio, has built 17 spa locations across Western Canada and the US, he's a part owner in a manufacturing company in Edmonton Alberta, and owns poultry farms in Western Canada.
Steve has over 15 years experience in residential and commercial real estate and brings great knowledge and wisdom to Alta Pacific.


Jess Larsen leads a management team responsible for a number of energy-based private equity funds, including the Katana Oil and Gas Fund, and Apollo Energy Income Trust. The group has the ability to source both growth and income projects in the renewable and non-renewable energy spaces in Canada, the United States and internationally, including in Asia. Current areas of focus include conventional oil and gas, hydroelectric including micro-hydro and underground coal gasification (UCG).

Jess Larsen
Jess Larsen began his finance career with Citigroup, where he served as a member of a mergers and acquisitions team working with CEOs at companies with revenues up to $500m per year. At the time Citigroup's mid-market M&A team was ranked number one in the world.
Following Citigroup, Mr. Larsen consulted in the US financial industry, assisting various private businesses sourcing development capital and later advising an energy private equity group and a multi billion dollar family office on acquisition targets. A serial entrepreneur, he has co-founded multiple businesses, including Katana Energy Fund and Apollo Energy Income Trust, where Mr. Larsen serves as President of each.
A “people person”, Mr. Larsen has built deep industry relationships through both his work in the sector as well as by attending private equity courses at Harvard, the CFA Institute and invitation-only events with Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Canadian Institutional Investment Summit. Because of his broad knowledge of both renewable and non-renewable energy business models and financial structures, Mr. Larsen has been invited to speak at numerous events from New York to Hong Kong, including at the Oil Council's America's Energy Capital conference.
Mr. Larsen is a father of four and a passionate advocate and Chairman of ChildRescue.org, a non-profit group he co-founded with his wife to combat child trafficking.


The Axiom Legal Financing Fund provides case finance to UK law firms to cover the costs of litigation for no?win, no?fee cases and for matters of a non-litigious nature, such as divorce with an expectation that the cases will settle in an average of 12 months. Axiom does not finance “ambulance chasing cases” and only provides loans in respect of cases that can be insured by FSA regulated insurance companies against non-recovery.
Axiom does not share in the court awards but charges a fixed interest of 15% or more to the law firms, win or lose. The target minimum annual growth rates (which have been consistently exceeded since launch 2 years ago) are:
• 11% (Sterling)
• 10% (US Dollar)
• 10% (Euro)
It is an open ended fund with low volatility regulated in the Cayman Islands with independent administrators and has no lock?in, no entry or exit fees and no management charge, but has a performance fee.
There are 3 classes of shares. The fund is denominated in GBP and hedges to USD & EUR. New funds in CAD, AUD & NZD are being launched to feed into the existing fund (with hedging) and to lend into their local markets.

Clive Ward
Clive has had extensive experience in financial services & systems over the last 20 years. After working for IBM for many years as a senior manager, marketing systems to major financial services companies in England, he run a computer leasing company and then set up other information technology companies in UK and India. He worked as finance director for a commodity trading company then spent 6 years as a wealth management consultant at a fund management company.
Clive formed Affinity Consulting Group Ltd in 2002 a group of wealth management companies with affiliate companies in Singapore & Dubai and was CEO until 2009.
In 2008, Clive formed Novus International Investments Ltd as a fund structuring and promotion company and retired from Affinity. Novus is the worldwide promoter of the Axiom Legal Financing Fund and distributes it worldwide through a network of financial intermediaries and institutions. The Axiom Fund makes fixed interest short term loans to UK law firms.
Clive also advises on specialist corporate financing structures. He is married with children and grandchildren and lived for 11 years in Singapore, Dubai and Geneva, but now resides in England.

Centurion Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), is an investment fund which provides an opportunity for individual and institutional investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of rental apartments in Canada and participate in the profits derived from them. With a current portfolio of 1,160 apartments located in 22 separate apartment properties, Centurion Apartment REIT (which is RRSP, RESP and TFSA eligible) is perfectly positioned to provide consistent, tax-efficient returns to its investors without exposing them to the volatility of the stock market. The REIT currently yields 8.00% per annum (paid monthly).
Centurion Apartment REIT is run by an experienced management team and has an independently controlled board of trustees to provide independent oversight on behalf of all investors. Centurion Apartment REIT units are sold by Offering Memorandum to qualified investors only. Investors may purchase units in the fund directly or through their Investment Advisor.


Peter Figura
Peter has over 15 years of Financial Services industry experience. His management focus is the development and implementation of comprehensive wholesaling programs with an emphasis on their alignment with company business goals. Working with executive management groups, Peter has helped in the design, implementation and approval of several financial products that were brought to the market.
Peter’s investment career include roles of financial advisor with major Canadian full service investment dealers, senior manager of investment department with one of the major Ontario Credit Unions, Director of Investment Marketing with one of the independent financial advisory organizations, and VP Business Development with an independent investment services organization.
Peter has an MBA from the University of Toronto, and completed many of the industry required professional courses.
Peter is a regular business commentator on the news channel CP24, and a contributor to The Analyst, a publication of the Toronto CFA Society.


CVC Market Point Inc. is an Exempt Market Dealer and a CareVest Group Member Company. From our offices across Canada, our team offers investment opportunities to qualified investors looking for products that are not otherwise available in the general marketplace.
Our Dealer division team works with Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs) to establish relationships allowing those approved EMDs to offer the investment opportunities we have available, to their qualified clients. Current investment opportunities include Canadian Horizons™ mortgage investment corporations (MICs) and from time to time, Canadian Horizons land projects.
Canadian Horizons MICs should be of interest to investors seeking an income producing investment with the following features:
• Targeted yield of 8 - 11% per annum with the availability of compounding through the election of stock dividends
• MIC mortgages secured by real property
• Monthly distributions
• Minimum initial subscription amount of $5,000
• Geographical diversification
• Highly experienced management at all levels
• Regularly scheduled closings
Contact us at:
Toll Free: 1-866-718-5193 OR visit our website for further information: www.cvcmarketpoint.com


Michele Woods
As Regional Sales Manager for CVC Market Point Inc, Michele Woods is accountable for the Ontario market distribution of Canadian Horizons’ product offerings. Michele has over 25 years experience in industry and alternative investment experience. Previous management positions include Freedom 55 Financial, Sun Life Financial, and Vice President/Alternate Options Principal at Desjardins Securities Inc. Michele was an Investment Representative with CIBC Wood Gundy Inc. after a successful role with Mutual Life of Canada as an advisor. Previous to these roles, Michele co-founded and operated a successful Limited Market Dealer for seven years, distributing alternative investments, which included entertainment offerings, and real estate investments. Michele graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts.


The Optimus US Real Estate Fund is a rare opportunity to capitalize on an unprecedented downturn in US real estate prices. Designed with investors in mind, the fund optimizes both Canadian and US tax treatments and is RRSP eligible. The highly skilled and dedicated management team has more than $3 billion in real estate acquisitions and financing experience. They themselves have invested nearly $16 million of their own cash into the Optimus US Real Estate Fund.
Fund Highlights:
• Cash flow: dividends paid three times per annum
• RRSP eligible (existing Funds or new Funds)
• $10,500 Cdn. minimum investment
• Focus on multi-family unsold inventory, condo conversions – "fractured condos"
• Experienced management – over $3 billion transacted
• $16 million invested by management
• Tax efficient structure by KPMG

Francois Le Bel
Francois has more than 20 years of experience in business development and sales in sectors ranging from privatization of public infrastructure to digital security for telecommunications and banking applications. Augmenting his extensive sales and business development experience with a Master's degree in Civil Engineering, Francois brings a balance between high level customer service and an analytical approach to providing client solutions.


Quadrexx was formed in 2003 to create, manage and distribute niche investment products. The firm has three main divisions, the Fund division, the Wealth Management division and Exempt Market Dealer division. In the Fund division, Quadrexx is managing Canada’s 1st investable Canadian hedge fund index Canadian Hedge Watch Index Plus fund, a hybrid index fund. Canadian Hedge Watch Inc. is a related company which collects and disseminates hedge fund industry data and news. It is the relationship with CHW that led to the creation of this hedge fund.
Our products are normally designed to offer advisors and their clients an alternative to standard investment products. Experience has shown that although alternative investment products have the potential for higher risk, on average inclusion of these types of products potentially could reduce the overall portfolio risk. With a focus on risk-adjusted returns we strive to offer alternative investment products currently in short supply in Canada.
Our team has a combined financial industry experience of over sixty years. We have a wide depth of experience and training within our team of investment professionals. In addition to portfolio management, our principals have backgrounds in management, accounting, engineering, computer modeling, and quantitative, fundamental and technical analysis. We are strongly committed to professionalism, creativity, and integrity.


Mark S. Wainberg
Mr. Wainberg heads the Private Equity / Limited Partnership offerings of Quadrexx and is also an Officer of the firm. Mr. Wainberg’s main responsibility is “conceiving” and structuring Limited Partnership products as well as marketing these products through registered dealing representatives. The Private Equity division of Quadrexx was formed in June, 2007. Mark is an entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector including executive and senior management positions in operating Lines of Business and Technology development. He is also a founding partner and Director of Real Matters Inc., a leading provider of property information services in North America. Mr. Wainberg is President of M. Wainberg Consulting Inc., a Toronto based consulting firm specializing in the financial services sector, and has provided services to many of Canada’s leading technology companies in the financial services marketplace. Mr. Wainberg has served as an executive officer of the Bank of Montreal, Cebra division as Managing Director Insurance Services, and Vice President New Business Development and Strategic Alliances. Mr. Wainberg is a Fellow, Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) and has been involved with and studied alternative investments including private equity and hedge funds since 1988.


Silver Falls Development

Silver Falls is a niche opportunity to participate in acquiring two unique British Columbia properties at $17.5 million below November 2010 appraised values.

Possession Point is a 17-acre peninsula along ‘Canada’s South Pacific’ on the southwestern tip of Vancouver Island near Victoria, which is so exceptional it narrowly escaped annexation into the huge adjoining Wilderness Park.

With 2,800 feet of highly desirable west-coast waterfront, it took six years to achieve rezoning for a versatile assortment of oceanfront villas, marina and lodge with private residence club.

The minimum subscription is $10,000. A $2,500 down payment may come from an RRSP or Tax?Free Savings Account, and all Partners can secure 75% pre?approved financing at 5.95%, which in this example is $83 monthly, or $2.76 a day, before tax deductions.

In addition, Partners will enjoy priority oceanfront villa selection before the public, at a discount up to four times greater than the down payment for their share subscription. See the video at www.silverfalls.ca

The project will be managed by Home Equity Development Inc., a B.C. corporation that has managed more than two?dozen profit?sharing partnership and RRSP funds since 1988, including the TSX publicly traded HLD Partnership until the 2006 sale of its real estate assets.



Investing on Solid Ground®

The foundation of trust that we have built with our clients and partners in business is the cornerstone of our success. And with more than 30 years of experience, Walton has grown to be one of North America’s leading real estate investment groups, creating land-based real estate investments for individual and institutional investors worldwide.

Why Walton?


  • To be the global leader in providing innovative real estate products that create wealth for our clients


  • Create wealth, with integrity and professionalism, through researching, financing, planning and developing master planned communities, incorporating smart growth principles, to meet the needs of present and future generations


  • Privately owned business founded in 1979

  • Now operating in Canada, the U.S., Asia and Germany, employing more than 800 people globally


  • Managing assets over $2.9 billion CAD

  • More than 61,000 acres under management

  • More than 74,000 clients worldwide

  • Research, acquisition, planning and management of land in the anticipated development path of major North American growth corridors

  • More than 30 years of real estate and land management experience

  • Walton's Investment Team follows a disciplined investment approach for both pre-development and development land investments

Strategic Land Holdings

Walton has acquired land in and around the following North American areas:

Walton continues to research areas in North America for future land acquisition.


Rob Hitchcock