Product Showcase 2012

Always one of the highlights of WAISC is the Product ShowcaseWhere End Investor Meets Manager!

Delegates have an opportunity to hear directly from alternative investment managers and exempt market issuers. Presented in 7 minute segments, this format facilitates fast acquisition of facts and allows direct access to the information you need.

This year’s 21 segments will allow you to hear from up-and-coming products as well as more established managers.

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We are pleased to present the following participants in the 2012 Product Showcase:






Agilith Capital is a Toronto-based investment manager founded in 2007. The company was established to capitalize on the partners’ core belief that superior performance can be generated through focused strategies and in depth industry experience. Our mission is to generate wealth for investors through relentless analysis without the constraint of focusing on market capitalization or maintaining index weightings. In December 2009, Agilith Capital was recognized with the bronze medal for Best Newcomer Hedge Fund at the Canadian Investment Awards Gala. Agilith Capital manages the North American Diversified Fund, which was launched as a limited partnership in October 2007 and offers Canadian investors a diversification tool to the resource-heavy TSX. The portfolio is comprised of a balanced mix of small, mid and large capitalization North American equities outside of the resource sector. At its core, the Fund takes on high conviction positions, favouring stock picking over indexing with the belief that excess returns are a direct product of superior business models. The fund is also designed to make quick and decisive investments allowing for the timely capture of market opportunities, inefficiencies and extremes in investor sentiment. The fund benefits from the combined 35 years of industry experience of its managers, Patrick Horan and Andrea Horan. Since its inception, the Fund has generated exceptional returns, beating major North American indices by almost 60%. The Fund has achieved a five star ranking with GlobeFund.

Andrea Horan
Prior to helping found Agilith Capital, Andrea Horan was a founding partner at Genuity Capital Markets where, as a member of the Partners Committee and Director of Research, she built and managed a department of 15 analysts. She began as an equity analyst for Canadian investment dealers in 1994 providing coverage of companies in the media and communications sector and quickly received top honours with both Brendon Woods and Greenwich institutional investor surveys during her seven year tenure as media analyst at RBC Capital Markets. Ms. Horan went on to become a founding partner at Westwind Partners and headed the Research Department. She has been engaged to speak at a number of industry events, contributed to investment publications on the subject of media investments and provided expert advice to the CRTC and the Canadian Federal Government. She received her MBA from University of Toronto in 1994 and her CFA designation in 1996.


Founded in 2007, AlphaNorth Asset Management ("AlphaNorth") is a Toronto based investment manager. AlphaNorth believes that superior long term equity returns are achievable by exploiting inefficiencies in the Canadian small cap universe through careful security selection on both a long and short basis. The firm combines technical analysis with both a bottom-up and top-down strategy in the selection of investments offering the best reward versus risk opportunities. AlphaNorth manages the AlphaNorth Partners Fund which is a long biased small cap focused hedge fund. AlphaNorth also manages the AlphaNorth 2011 Flow-Through LP, the AlphaNorth 2012 Flow-Through LP, and most recently the AlphaNorth Growth Fund, an open-ended mutual fund. The Fund's objective is to achieve industry leading long term returns.

Skye Collyer
Skye Collyer plays a key role on the AlphaNorth leadership team as Vice President, Sales and Marketing. Skye is responsible for marketing and communication initiatives as well as investor and media relations in support of fund launches, ongoing sales and closings. She joined AlphaNorth in 2010, bringing a multidisciplinary investment and marketing perspective developed through her unique background in both the investment world and the current multi-media environment. After earning a BFA (Hon.) from Ryerson University in 2006, Skye worked as a television and media personality for several entertainment television and online networks and performed live and on-camera hosting for sports, marketing, PR and philanthropic events. Skye also completed her Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Conduct and Practices Handbook Course (CPH) and 90-day Investment Advisor Training Program while working in the retail investment world, where she held a position with a leading global independent investment dealer prior to joining AlphaNorth. In 2010, Skye was featured in Stock & Awe, a viewer-education situational series for investors which aired nationally on both BNN and CTV.


Active Power Investments LLC is a boutique investment management firm which specializes in trading and investments in electric power markets in North America. With the deregulation of the wholesale electric power markets worldwide, the opportunity emerged for a purely financial organization like Active Power Investments LLC to participate in these markets. Currently, Active Power Investments LLC participates in the wholesale power markets via trading in contracts which derive their value from congestion in the underlying power grid, and via trading in energy contracts which derive their value from price differences between forward (Day Ahead) power prices and spot (Real Time) power prices. Investing in the wholesale power markets through Active Power Investments LLC offers investors a two-fold value proposition. These markets are decoupled from, and hence not correlated with, any of the other financial markets (including other commodity markets), thus allowing investors overall portfolio diversification. In addition, operating in these markets requires a much greater degree of specialization than operating in e.g. global equity markets. For those firms that are able to navigate these wholesale power markets and their investors, such participation offers exceptional ROI.

Arie Kapulkin
Arie Kapulkin is a Manager at Active Power Investments LLC with a focus on trading as well as fundamental, technical and market analysis. Arie is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the company's infrastructure, and is involved in investor relations, strategic partnerships, and recruitment. Prior to his position at Active Power Investments LLC, Arie was the Chief Technology Officer of PriceSCAN.com, a leading Internet shopping search engine. Arie holds a B.Sc. from MIT and a PhD from The University of Texas at Austin, specializing in Theoretical High Energy Physics.

Axcess Capital Advisors is part of the Axcess Capital Group of Companies headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, as is a registered Investment Fund Manager, Restricted Portfolio Manager, and Exempt Market Dealer specializing in investments in real estate debt.
The Axcess Capital Group was founded in 2002 to provide investment products by way of secured mortgage funds and syndications that are independently underwritten by our experienced team of real estate lenders on Western Canadian real estate. We are committed to product excellence, investment security, and professional service.
Axcess Capital Advisors was formed in 2010 to provide investment fund management services to the existing Axcess Capital Group investment funds, and have since expanded to offer these services to others in the mortgage investment field. We currently have six mortgage investment funds under administration. These mortgage investment products are offered across Canada as exempt products under NI 31-103 through a network of investment and portfolio advisors.
Further information about the Axcess Capital Group of Companies can be found on our web site at www.axcesscapital.com.

Rod Burylo
For 25 years, Rod Burylo has worked throughout financial services industry for various organizations, including Royal Bank, Investors Group, and number of specialized investment and planning organizations. He has earned various designations, including CFP, and is the recipient of the prestigious Advisor of the Year Award. In more recent years, Rod has worked exclusively with alternative investment strategies and a focus on real estate related investments, helping to build leading companies within the sector.
Throughout his career, Rod has contributed enthusiastically to the public education and professional development as writer and teacher. He has authored three books and dozens of published articles, and has provided lectures and keynote presentations throughout North America.


Established in 1994, Richmond Hill, Ontario-based Becksley Capital is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) offering a wide range of Investment options to qualified Canadian investors. Becksley Capital is an Exempt Market Dealer registered in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Becksley Capital was formed 18 years ago to offer individuals alternative investment opportunities within a growing and dynamic marketplace. We believe, while our commitment to bring a suite of conservative, alternative offerings continues to grow, our principles have remained unchanged through nearly two decades in the industry. Our longevity in this ever-changing exempt market is proof-positive that we have the skills, experience and foresight required to succeed in this challenging environment.
Additionally, experience gained as Lead Agent in the structuring and distribution of numerous offerings through affiliated companies, sets Becksley Capital apart from almost every other exempt market dealer in the country.

Ryan Lee
Mr. Lee received his Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance from the University of Calgary and immediately thereafter immersed himself in the Financial & Real Estate Investment industry. Having held senior positions with both Walton International and The Jaymor Group, Ryan's background is steeped in the Exempt Securities Market and Alternative Investments. In 2012, Ryan was appointed President of Exempt Market Dealer Becksley Capital Inc., which was established in 1994. Ryan expects to lead Becksley Capital in its growth as a full service, nationally registered Exempt Market Dealer, with a focus on helping Financial Advisors and Insurance Brokers grow their business by including the Exempt Market. His aim is to make Becksley the first choice for Financial Advisors and Dealing Representatives, and also for product developers and issuers that see value in our skill, expertise and experience as Lead Agent in bringing quality products to market.

Breton Hill Capital launched in Aug 2011 with a lead investment of $100 million from the US pension CalPERS which was their first seed investment in a hedge fund. The partners have worked together for 7+ years, and were previously part of the 2004 launch of a multi-billion dollar alternative investment firm that was ranked by Towers Watson and Financial Times as a top 20 hedge fund provider to pensions. Breton Hill is based in Toronto, Canada, and is registered with the SEC and the OSC in the categories of Investment Fund Manager, Limited Market Dealer, Portfolio Manager, and Commodity Trading Advisor. Our flagship macro fund is focused on tactical trading in the most liquid and transparent markets - equities, commodities and currencies. We profit from identifying trends across assets, and then adding value through security selection and active position management to create the best risk reward. We take opportunistic directional risk on the long and short side, and have no long term beta bias. This is a unique approach that creates low correlation to markets and can perform in both bull and bear markets.


Frank Maeba
Frank is a Managing Partner and co-founder of Breton Hill Capital. He has over 17 years of macro trading experience and is responsible for executing portfolio strategies, managing risks through optimal structuring of positions and identifying investment opportunities. Previously, Frank worked at Diversified Global Asset Management where he was Head Trader for a multi-strategy fund, trading cash instruments and derivatives across equities, rates, FX, commodities and credit. Prior to DGAM, Frank was a Director with RBC Capital Markets where he traded FX and commodity option portfolios, and managed the London derivatives desk. He earned a B.Sc. (Hons) from University of Western Ontario. Frank is a CFA Charterholder.


Centurion Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), is an investment fund which provides an opportunity for individual and institutional investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of rental apartments in Canada and participate in the profits derived from them. With a current portfolio of 1,160 apartments located in 22 separate apartment properties, Centurion Apartment REIT (which is RRSP, RESP and TFSA eligible) is perfectly positioned to provide consistent, tax-efficient returns to its investors without exposing them to the volatility of the stock market. The REIT currently yields 8.00% per annum (paid monthly)
Centurion Apartment REIT is run by an experienced management team and has an independently controlled board of trustees to provide independent oversight on behalf of all investors. Centurion Apartment REIT units are sold by Offering Memorandum to qualified investors only. Investors may purchase units in the fund directly or through their Investment Advisor.

Peter Figura
Peter has over 15 years of Financial Services industry experience. His management focus is the development and implementation of comprehensive wholesaling programs with an emphasis on their alignment with company business goals. Working with executive management groups, Peter has helped in the design, implementation and approval of several financial products that were brought to the market.
Peter’s investment career include roles of financial advisor with major Canadian full service investment dealers, senior manager of investment department with one of the major Ontario Credit Unions, Director of Investment Marketing with one of the independent financial advisory organizations, and VP Business Development with an independent investment services organization.
Peter has an MBA from the University of Toronto, and completed many of the industry required professional courses.
Peter is a regular business commentator on the news channel CP24, and a contributor to The Analyst, a publication of the Toronto CFA Society.


Donville Kent Asset Management Inc. is a highly specialized asset management firm that manages investments on behalf of individual investors as well as select institutions.
Through the application of our focused investment strategy, we search for companies that possess high levels of return on equity, reasonable valuations and positive share price momentum.
Collectively, our principals have extensive global experience in portfolio management, equity research and trading. Unlike many traditional investment firms, our portfolio managers are the largest investors in our funds. This commitment results in the highest possible alignment of interest with our clients and is a key component of our success.

Jason Donville
Jason has had an illustrious career as an award-winning analyst in both Canada and Asia. Prior to founding Donville Kent Asset Management, Mr. Donville was consistently ranked as one of the top financial services analysts in Canada.
In 2004 and 2005, Mr. Donville was ranked in all three financial services research categories (banks, insurance and diversified financial services) in the annual Brendan Woods surveys.
Mr. Donville was also recognized as the Top Stock Picker in Diversified Financial Services in the 2004 and 2005 National Post/Starmine surveys. In addition, Donville Kent’s flagship fund, the DKAM Capital Ideas Fund, was awarded Best New Fund in Canada at the 2009 Canadian Hedge Fund awards.


East Coast Fund Management was established by John Schumacher and Mike MacBain who combined have over 50 years of capital markets experience. ECFMI is committed to providing a suite of unique investment products with sustainable cost effective returns. Our focus is to create, preserve and protect wealth using balance sheet strategies and risk management tools to provide the highest return per unit of risk. We invest alongside our clients to ensure management and investor interests are aligned at all times. Our differentiating factor is our proven track record of maintaining returns and preserving capital in turbulent times. We create absolute return in the portfolios while managing an articulated risk return strategy on each fund. We have a completely transparent and innovative fee structure that means you don’t pay fees when we don’t achieve a minimum return. Our high water fee marks are perpetual. Our commitment is to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct, professional investment practices and client services

Robert Mann
Rob leads client and business development at East Coast Fund Management. Prior to joining East Coast, Rob held senior investment, strategic and client development roles for alternative asset managers in the United States, Switzerland and East Africa.

Fiera Capital Corporation is a leading publicly traded, independent investment firm with approximately $54 billion in assets under management as at June 30, 2012.
The firm has grown tenfold since 2003 through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions, including YMG Capital Management in 2006, Sceptre Investment Counsel in 2010 and Natcan Investment Management in 2012. The firm is one of only a handful of full service, multi-product investment firms in Canada, offering clients a proven top-tier track record in equity and fixed income management as well as depth and expertise in asset allocation and alternative investments. This diversified offering of investment products is made available to a diverse group of clients including, pensions plans, foundations and endowments, religious and charitable organizations, financial institutions, securities dealers, investment funds, high net worth and individual investors.
With offices in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and New York, the firm has over 220 employees and benefits from the expertise and diversified experience of approximately 90 investment professionals, dedicated to servicing our highly diversified clientele.

Derek Brown
Derek has over 10 years of industry experience, his investment career began as a Proprietary Trader at Refco. Derek later held Proprietary and Associate Trader roles at Rosenthal Collins and TD Securities.
Derek joined Fiera Capital in 2010, where he is the Assistant Portfolio Manager and a member of the Tactical Fixed Income team. Derek is responsible for the trading and management of the following portfolios; the Tactical Fixed Income Fund, the Fiera Sceptre Bond Fund, the Altamira Long Bond Fund and the Tactical Bond Yield Hedge Fund.
Derek graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm), majoring in Finance and later received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from McGill University.
He also received his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2004.

Garrison Hill Capital Management Inc. (Garrison Hill) is one of Canada’s few ‘macro’ focused wealth management firms located in Toronto, Canada. Garrison Hill helps clients and investors preserve and grow their wealth by interpreting complex and dynamic global events and turning them into investible ideas and products. Founded prior to the financial crisis, Garrison Hill has provided investors positive returns with low volatility and virtually no correlation to the broader equity markets through its flagship macro focused fund Garrison Hill Multi-Strategy LP I. Garrison Hill’s goal is to provide institutions, family offices and high net worth investors the highest level of investment management services.
Michael Yhip
Michael Yhip is the President and Chief Investment Officer of the Garrison Hill Capital Management Inc. He was a former debt and derivative banker employed with Canada’s largest investment banks. He is considered an expert in his field and has worked with Canadian governments, corporations and high net worth investors to provide a range of financial solutions over his career. Michael is a CFA charter holder.

Inflection Management Inc. is a B.C. Securities Commission-registered Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager, and Exempt Market Dealer based in Vancouver BC. The Firm is also registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in the provinces of, Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. Inflection is a member of AIMA.
Inflection is an alternative asset manager, managing the Inflection Strategic Opportunities Fund (ISOF) an opportunistic fund of hedge funds. The portfolio is actively managed by rotating into portfolio funds that offer unique opportunities with a specialty in U.S. distressed mortgages, post-bankruptcy distressed corporate actions, merger arbitrage, equity market neutral investing and global corporate event driven investing. Inflection’s flexible investment style and market experience allow us to select what we believe are the most appropriate mix of strategies to suit diverse market conditions and to seek to opportunistically capitalize on near-term trading opportunities. ISOF was created solely for Canadian investors seeking a U.S. dollar based fund using global operational standards.

Trevor S. Giles
Trevor S. Giles CMA CFA joined Inflection Management, a Fund of Hedge Funds Portfolio Manager, in 2010 and is V.P. Investments and Chief Compliance Officer.
From 1999 to 2009, Mr. Giles was Executive Vice President of Investments of Westcap Mgt. Ltd, the investment manager for the Golden Opportunities Fund, a Saskatchewan Labour-sponsored venture capital fund with over $155 million under management. From 2002 to 2008, Mr. Giles was on the Board of Directors and a joint owner of Ralph McKay Industries Inc., North America’s leading producer of tillage tools, with factories in Canada and the United States. From 1995 to 2000, Mr. Giles was Vice-President of Bromar Enterprises Ltd., a privately held management company with operations in Canada and the United States. From 1992 to 1995, Mr. Giles was employed at CIBC Wood Gundy Securities Inc. in various capacities: From 1994 to 1995 Mr. Giles was an Associate Portfolio Manager, providing sophisticated investment advice to high net worth clients; Mr. Giles established CIBC Wood Gundy’s foreign currency bond trading department for Canada and served as Foreign Currency Bond Desk Manager, managing a $260 million bond book from September 1993 to July 1994; and from December 1992 to August 1993 he was a Fixed Income Specialist liaising between institutional bond traders and brokers in Toronto and Montreal. While at Wood Gundy Mr. Giles worked on various teams including high yield debt, currency and rate futures, and a $750 million bond optimization project for a large client. Prior to 1992, Mr. Giles served as Investment Executive with Burns Fry Limited and was Treasury Manager with a Saskatchewan Crown Corporation.
Mr. Giles is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He is a member of the Vancouver, Toronto, and Saskatchewan CFA Societies, the CFA Institute, and the Society of Management Accountants of British Columbia.

Raintree Financial Solutions is an Edmonton-based Exempt Market Dealer. We represent various investment opportunities and are committed to providing the highest possible level of service and professionalism for our Dealing Representatives and their clients.
Prior to the creation of the Exempt Market Dealer, many people had to rely on unregulated market dealers across Canada. Raintree Financial Solutions acts as a bridge between clients and a network of Dealing Representatives to create the best investment possibilities while complying with protective government regulations.
Raintree is 100% transparent. We are not financially tied to any of the products we offer - in other words, we do not offer our own products: every investment that we sell is a third party offering. This prevents any conflict of interest in the promotion of the products we offer. Whether you are a client, Dealing Representative or product provider, you can be sure that every product we carry is on our shelf based on its own merit as an investment and not because we have an added incentive to promote it.
Relationships should benefit all parties involved. Fundamentally, we believe that relationships thrive when each party considers the perspective of the other parties. We try to look at everything from our clients' or representatives' point of view — we firmly believe that this practice will yield lasting relationships with our clientele.


Kyle Jacober
Kyle began his investment career over twelve years ago specializing in mutual funds. Learning the investment ropes early, he developed a professional framework for success. In building his own exempt market investment business, Kyle never wavers from this framework which is founded on four principles:
1) building trusted and sincere relationships is a most precious privilege,
2) You have to have a genuine desire to help people to be successful
3) listening and understanding client needs is the only way to build relationships
4) investing time and energy in market research and analysis is a key differentiator.
As markets declined in previous years, Kyle successfully navigated the markets for his clients by upholding his framework for success, one of many accomplishments he takes pride in. If you are working with Kyle, you’ll find that he loves to laugh, is diligent, resourceful and determined. He also has a creative talent for problem solving.
Today, Kyle is Vice President Sales for Raintree Financial Solutions, a partner and client advisor. He is passionate about building the business and is charged about building wealth for his clients. Kyle is always looking for ways to continue to be a leader in his field and for his clients.
Kyle has a Bachelor's Degree in Theology from Northwest Bible College. He also holds his Life Insurance License and Accident and Sickness License.
Kyle is married with two children and accredits his wife with the hardest job in the world: raising their children. He also has a passion for mountain biking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.
What moves Kyle most is watching his children ride bikes, play soccer and grow up.
You can contact Kyle at (780) 709-5595

Ross Smith Asset Management was founded in 2007 and is the Investment Manager for the Ross Smith Capital Investment Fund and Ross Smith Opportunities Fund. Ross Smith Capital Investment Fund has an established track record of providing investors with low-risk returns that are uncorrelated with returns from the equity, fixed income or commodities markets. The Fund utilizes quantitative analysis, advanced financial modeling and superior trading technology to identify and execute arbitrage trading opportunities in the public markets. The Fund’s opportunity set includes convertible debentures, closed-end funds, split shares, preferred shares, warrants, rights and subscription receipts, as well as other special situation investments.
Ross Smith Opportunities Fund trades a more traditional risk-arbitrage mandate focused on event-driven situations and corporate events including mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, tender offers, liquidations, spin-offs, stubs, capital structure arbitrage, convertible securities and other relative value investments. The Opportunities Fund seeks value throughout the capital structure including equity, credit and derivative securities with a global mandate focused on Canadian opportunities.

Weston Pring
Weston Pring has served as the President and Chief Investment Officer of Ross Smith Asset Management since its inception in 2007 and has managed the company through the launch of Ross Smith Capital Investment Fund in 2008 and Ross Smith Opportunities Fund in 2012. Weston has been awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation by the CFA Institute and the Derivatives Market Specialist and Canadian Investment Manager designations by the Canadian Securities Institute. Weston previously worked with BMO Capital Markets helping energy producer and consumer clients design and execute their foreign exchange and commodity hedging portfolios. In 2005, Weston co-founded Energylogix Financial Products Ltd., where he was one of two founding principals focused on creating energy-related investment products for retail and institutional investors. Weston is a graduating member of the Calgary Portfolio Management Trust from the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary.


Tricoastal Capital manages an investment fund designed to complement your other equity strategies.
Adding Tricoastal Capital to your portfolio can reduce your portfolio volatility and improve your performance.
Tricoastal is a global investment fund that invests in primarily in equity market sectors such as country, industry, style and market cap using exchange-traded funds and OTC forward contracts. It has a low correlation (0.5) and low beta (0.6) to traditional equity benchmarks like the S&P 500 and MSCI All-Country World Index (ACWI).


Keith Summers
Keith has been a portfolio manager for over 20 years. He founded Tricoastal Capital in 2004 as a family investment partnership.
Before Tricoastal, Keith spent a number of years working as a portfolio manager for a number of other firms. His prior portfolio management mandates have included:

• Managing an $800M multi-family office.
• Managing an $8B high net worth investment platform.
• Managing a $1.4B global balanced fund.
• Managing a $300M bond fund.

He is appeared hundreds of times on television as a market commentator and has spoken at several hedge fund conferences. He graduated with a B.A in Political Science from McMaster University in 1987 and completed an MBA from McMaster University in 1997. He was awarded the CFA Charter in 2000.

Waratah Advisors is a Toronto-Canada based investment management firm dedicated to protecting capital and producing superior risk-adjusted returns. The investment strategies focus on North American equity securities and seek to produce above market returns with considerably less risk than the market.


Daniel Dorenbush
Daniel is the Head of Business Development and Relationship Management at Waratah Advisors, a Toronto-based investment management firm focused on risk adjusted returns via North American equity long/short strategies. Daniel was previously Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian subsidiary of a registered investment dealer specializing in providing financing, technology and capital raising services to hedge funds. Prior to this Daniel was a Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets where he served as Global Head of Prime Brokerage in Toronto and later relocated to New York as Global Head of Strategic Sales & Relationship Management for RBC’s Hedge Fund Services Division. Daniel has completed a MBA in Finance at McGill University, an Honours Degree in Economics at the University of Toronto and is a CFA Charterholder.

Last year's participants included:

Silver Falls Development