Fund Manager Showcase 2009

Always one of the highlights of WAISC is the Fund Manager Showcase – Where End Investor Meets Manager!

Delegates have an opportunity to hear directly from alternative investment managers. Presented in 10 minute segments, this format facilitates fast acquisition of facts and allows direct access to the information you need.

This year’s 18 segments will allow you to hear from up-and-coming managers as well as more established managers.

We are pleased to present the following fund managers in the Fund Manager Showcase:



Company Descriptions


Acorn Global Investments is an alternative investment manager that is committed to being an essential holding in the portfolios of high-net-worth clients and institutions by delivering strong returns and diversification benefits with its proven alternative approach.
Acorn applies highly disciplined, adaptable and proven strategies to a liquid portfolio of exchange traded futures and exchange traded funds diversified by geography, sectors, instruments, systems, frequencies and trade direction. The combination of this adaptive approach and significant diversification provides clients with an alternative investment to diversify their holdings in equities, bonds or real estate.
Acorn Global Investments Inc. was originally founded by Jason Russell in 2004 under its previous name J. Russell Capital Management Inc. (JRCM). JRCM advised the BTR Global Macro Fund for Salida Capital from inception until July 2006 when Jason transferred his registration to Salida Trading. In December 2008, JRCM became Acorn Global Investments. Acorn is incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Jason Russell

As founder of Acorn Global Investments, Jason Russell serves as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer. Jason is a veteran portfolio manager who brings more than 18 years of industry and alternative investment management experience to the firm.
Previous experience included roles at Bankers Trust, Merrill Lynch, CIBC, and his most recent position at Salida Capital where he was the sole Portfolio Manager for its Global Macro Hedge Fund. He has considerable expertise and experience in the areas of research, programming and systematic trading.
Jason continues to be very active in the areas of systematic trading research and trading psychology. He collaborates closely with several distinguished traders and founded two research groups focusing on system development and trading psychology. Jason was highlighted as a systematic trading professional in the book titled Trend Following by Michael Covel.
Jason is a member of the CFA Institute and the Toronto Society of Financial Analysts.



Aquilon Power Corp. is involved in the trading and management of physical wholesale electricity.
History Aquilon Power Corp began operations in June 2006 as a joint venture between Aquilon Capital Corp, a former investment dealer, and two seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the physical electricity markets of North America. Aquilon Power's General Partner, Silverhill Ltd., on behalf of Aquilon Power Silverhill Fund L.P., began active trading in August 2006 with locational arbitrage transactions in Real-Time Physical Electricity amongst the Northeastern Power Pools. By the beginning of 2007 our operations included Day-Ahead trading. Throughout 2008 we expanded our trading activity geographically across Canada and into the Northwestern USA. In addition, we initiated our trading activity in the Short Term and Term markets.
About our name: The word "Aquilon" can trace its roots back to the Roman god of the North Wind. The word can then be found in common usage in French and Inuit cultures meaning a "Strong North Wind".


George Radan

Senior VP, Trading, Director
Mr. Radan is a founding partner of Aquilon Power Corp. With 10 years experience in the energy markets, George has held senior roles in power trading and generation asset management with Powerex Corporation and Pacific Gas & Electric Energy Trading (PGET) including leadership of a trading team responsible for optimizing the value of over 2,000 MW in natural gas generating assets.



Artemis Investment Management Limited provides investors with the opportunity to achieve world- class portfolio allocation by facilitating efficient access to important alternative investment opportunities with top managers from around the world.

Claude Robillard

Most recently, Mr. Robillard was a founding partner of an international asset management company launched in New York that subsequently expanded to Hong Kong and Toronto, where he and his Group structured over USD $3 billion in public company investments, primarily in US and Asian markets.
Prior experience includes senior roles within the capital markets and asset management divisions of HSBC Bank, RBC Royal Bank, and CIBC, with a focus on alternative asset classes, equity structured products and commodity products. He recently co-founded a European-based real estate investment group focused on development and infrastructure projects in Eastern Europe. Mr. Robillard received his B. Comm. from McGill University , and his MBA jointly conferred by the London School of Economics, HEC Paris and New York University ’s Stern School of Business.



Auspice Capital Advisors Ltd. is a Canadian based registered Portfolio Manager / Investment Council and a registered CTA and NFA member.
Auspice’s core expertise is managing commodity risk and designing and executing systematic trading strategies. Auspice trades over 30 different commodities for its funds. On the active investment side, Auspice operates the Auspice Managed Futures LP and the Auspice Diversified Trust. On the passive side, Auspice is the investment manager for the Claymore Natural Gas Commodity ETF. In addition, Auspice was instrumental in the creation of the NGX Canadian Natural Gas Index in conjunction with the TSX and NGX.
The Auspice team is led by two experienced institutional commodity traders: Tim Pickering and Ken Corner. Their background consists of trading OTC and exchange traded derivatives in energy, commodities, currency, and interest rates. Tim Pickering, President of Auspice, held previous senior trading roles at TD Securities and Shell Trading (V.P. Options Trading, North America). Ken Corner, COO of Auspice, also held senior positions at Shell Trading and TD Securities.

Tim Pickering

Tim Pickering is the founder of Auspice and a limited partner. Tim has 14 years of commodity and financial trading experience.
Prior to founding Auspice, Tim was Vice President of Options Trading at Shell Trading Gas and Power in both Houston and Calgary. Prior to Shell, Tim traded for TD Securities in Toronto in a wide expanse of capital market products including Foreign Exchange, Bonds, Money Markets and Exotic Derivatives. Ultimately, Tim was the senior trader for the Energy Derivatives portfolio. Tim has extensive experience trading OTC and exchange traded options, futures, swaps and quantitative trend following systems.



Bluenose Capital Management Ltd. is an alternative investments trading firm, specializing in market neutral strategies. Bluenose Capital Ltd. is registered with the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission as a Professional Fund under the 1996 Mutual Funds Act.
Our goal is to achieve absolute returns regardless of market conditions by combining US and Canadian equity market neutral and opportunistic trading strategies. Preservation of capital is of utmost importance.
We aim to generate an annualised rate of return of 15% with significantly less volatility versus the benchmarks. This non-correlated behaviour suggests that a percentage of assets committed to Bluenose Capital will often lead to a smoother return from an investor's overall portfolio. The investment horizon should be at least 5 years.

JS Pelletier

JS Pelletier is co-CEO and chief investment officer at Bluenose Capital Management Ltd.
He is overseeing quantitative equity strategies and risk management.
Mr. Pelletier was an investment advisor and portfolio analyst at DundeeWealth inc., Canada’s largest independent wealth management firm, overseeing $55 billion of assets for Canadians as well as international investors.
Mr. Pelletier acted as managing member and chief investment officer for Minotor Capital LLC, providing absolute returns strategies to qualified and accredited investors.
Prior to his involvement in managing hedge fund portfolios, Mr. Pelletier was vice-president and strategist for MBI inc., a business intelligence firm.
He earned the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation from the Canadian Securities Institute.



ChapelGate is a Credit Opportunity Fund with a commitment to capital preservation. While many espouse the notion, ChapelGate has delivered positive return in each operating year since inception. Annual returns over the past 3 calendar years have been 15.5%, 8.4% and 7.8%. Annualized returns for the first 7 months of 2009 are 17.60%. Since inception in December 2005, we have outperformed our peer group as defined by the Bloomberg Credit Hedge Fund Index by 54.56%. The Fund targets net low double digit returns. Detailed performance information is available upon request.
ChapelGate Asset Management is part of the Orchard Capital Group with offices in Toronto, Barbados, London and Singapore.
Our Portfolio Managers have collectively managed substantially in excess of $ 10 billion in structured Credit Assets. We employ 34 staff, many of whom have between 20 and 30 years of relevant market experience. All analyis whether fundamental or quantitative are performed in-house with our proprietary system.
Current Assets under management by our team exceed $ 600 million including a portfolio which is being managed for an Agency of the federal Government. Current clients include Pension Funds, Familly Offices as well as High Net Worth Investors.

Mike Ford

Mike Ford graduated from Brown University Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelors degree in Economics. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from The University of Chicago with concentrations in Finance and Marketing.
In 1980, he joined the First National Bank of Chicago and helped start their swap group in 1982. In 1985, he moved to London to help start a swap group for Security Pacific Bank where he worked with sovereign and supranational borrowers, assisting in the management of interest rate and foreign currency exposures. When Security Pacific acquired an ownership interest in Burns Fry in 1988, Mr. Ford moved to Toronto to setup a capital markets arbitrage and structured finance team. Mike joined Deutsche Bank in 1994 where he spent 13 years with several different responsibilities including running their capital markets group and managing both relative value and structured credit sales teams. When Mike left Deutsche Bank in March, 2007, he was the Co-head of the Global Markets Canadian franchise overseeing the bank's efforts in Debt Capital Markets, Securitization, Infrastructure Finance, Commodities, and Structured Credit. At ChapelGate he oversees Capital Markets and Investor Relations.
Mr. Ford is a voting member on ChapelGate’s investment committee.



At Greenrock Asset Management, founded by Richard D. McGraw in 2007, we believe that the need to balance the global requirement for energy and resources with the necessity of sustaining our environment requires a transition in the way we live and conduct business which makes the deployment of clean technology one of the most important developments of the 21st century. We endeavor to sensibly align investors’ interests with this essential transition that will drive future innovation and economic growth.
The management team applies extensive investing, technology and business experience in offering focused investment products that utilize a disciplined, proven investment methodology in generating long-term value for its clients. Currently, Greenrock offers the Greenrock Global Cleantech L.P. by way of Offering Memorandum to investors in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. Managed by Peter Hofstra CFA, Ph.D, the Fund will utilize independent research and a disciplined investment approach in generating returns from companies whose products or services reduce the negative environmental effects of human activity.
For further information on Greenrock Asset Management or the Greenrock Global Cleantech L.P., please contact Chris Doll at 416-944-2700 or cdoll@greenrockfunds.com.

Peter Hofstra

Vice President and Founding Portfolio Manager
Peter has more than 20 years of technology, business and investing experience, including a term as a Research Chemist with Xerox Research, and eight years with Luxell Technologies, a public Canadian tech firm he joined in the early stage and served as Vice President of Research & Development. Prior to joining Greenrock, Peter was six years with one of Canada’s largest money managers where he served as Portfolio Manager of a Science & Technology fund.
Peter holds a B.Sc in Chemistry, a Ph.D in Engineering Physics and holds his CFA designation. He brings a unique combination of technology training, business experience and investment discipline to the Greenrock team. As Portfolio Manager he uses a ‘bottoms up’ analysis to select attractively valued investments and embraces the challenge of comprehending the many innovations occurring in the cleantech industry.



Hesperian Capital Management Ltd. is an Investment Counseling firm that was founded in 1995 and has offices in Calgary and Toronto. Hesperian manages the Norrep Group of Funds which, in addition to the Norrep Yield Fund, includes seven public mutual funds, three offshore investment funds, and three energy-based Flow-Through Limited Partnerships.
Hesperian utilizes a disciplined approach in security selection blending both fundamental and quantitative analysis in its investment decision making process. All research is done in-house by our team of seven Portfolio Managers and five Investment Analysts. Our investment style has made the Norrep Fund one of the top Canadian Small Cap Funds with a ten-year track record.

Paul Tepsich

Paul has over 20 years of investing experience. He joined Hesperian Capital Management Ltd. as a Portfolio Manager in April, 2009. Prior to joining Hesperian, Paul was at Merrill Lynch Canada Inc. for over 17 years and, most recently, was one of five producing managers with direct reporting to the President. In this capacity, Mr. Tepsich was Director, Head of Canadian Credit Trading with responsibility for several credit traders across all credit products. He has focused intensely on trading High Yield and Distressed debt for the past ten years and is recognized as an expert in the sector. Previously, from 1994-1998, he was a senior trader on the Government Bond Trading Desk. Prior thereto, from 1990-1994, Mr. Tesich traded and managed the Money Market Sales and Trading effort. From 1986-1990, he was at CIBC as a Money Market Trader.
Mr. Tepsich has the CFA designation (1991) and a B.A. in Financial Studies and Economics from the University of Western Ontario (1985). He is also a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (1988).



Established in January 2001, JCClark is a Toronto based 14-person hedge fund management firm. JCClark manages approximately $300 million predominantly in long/short equity strategies. The managers are supported by an investment team, trader, in-house compliance officer, operations staff and business development personnel. The firm focuses on opportunistic, high-return investment opportunities and emphasizes open and transparent client relationships.
JCClark was founded by John Clark, former chairman of the Toronto Stock Exchange, co-founder of Connor Clark & Co., a leading wealth management firm and co-founder of Connor, Clark & Lunn a large pension fund manager. He has 40 years of investment management experience and over 20 years of long/short experience. He has successfully managed money through 6 bear markets during his career.
Website: www.jcclark.com Email: swynn@jcclark.com Phone: 416.361.4533

Sean Wynn

Sean Wynn is the Director of Marketing at JCClark and is responsible for the firms’ marketing and business development initiatives. Mr. Wynn joined the firm in 2006, after spending eight years in the financial services industry in various roles.
Mr. Wynn received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1994 and has also completed the Canadian Securities Course (1998), the Conduct & Practices Handbook Course (1999), Branch Manager Course (2002) and Level II Life License (2004).
Prior to joining JCClark, Mr. Wynn served as Director of Investments at Laurentian Financial Services, a Regional Sales Director for Desjardins Financial Security and a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch Canada, where he started his career. Mr. Wynn currently serves as Co-Chair of the AIMA Canada Sales Practices Committee.



Lightwater Partners is an asset management firm specializing in alternative asset management. Our focus is to protect capital and manage risk while providing consistent risk adjusted returns. Lightwater Partners, using a disciplined investment process, manages the Lightwater Conservative Long / Short Fund. The Fund targets annual volatility of less than 10% and aims to produce annual returns of 12% to 15% per year.
Lightwater Partners is an Investment Counsel / Portfolio Manager registered in Canada with the Ontario Securities Commission.

Jerome Hass

Jerome has over 16 years experience in the financial industry. He joined Lightwater from Epic Capital Management in Toronto, one of Canada’s most prominent hedge funds. Previously, he was a Portfolio Manager and Head of International Equities at Montrusco Bolton Investments in Montreal, where he managed $450 million directly, co-managed large global funds, and oversaw $1 billion in private wealth. Mr. Hass also worked as a Portfolio Manager in London, England for Canada Life Assurance Company.
He started on the buy-side at Scottish Amicable Investment Managers in Scotland. Mr. Hass also worked as a sell-side Analyst with HSBC Investment Bank in Singapore and Malaysia. He began his career in Toronto as an Economist with the Ontario Government at the Ministry of Finance. He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, a Master of Arts in Applied Economics from the University of Victoria as well as a Master of Science degree in Economics from the London School of Economics, and is a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst ("CFA") designation



Northern Rivers is an independent investment company located in Toronto, Ontario. Our mission is to provide innovative investment opportunities and outstanding long term returns to investors. We are an entrepreneurial company founded by Likrilyn Capital Corporation, a family office and majority shareholder.
Northern Rivers currently offers a family of five pooled funds and one mutual fund for high net worth and retail investors. Our offerings include a range of equity funds, alternative funds, and a private equity fund.

Hugh C. Cleland

Mr. Cleland is Executive Vice President of Northern Rivers and has managed the Northern Rivers Innovation mandate since inception of its first fund in May 2001. Prior to starting at Northern Rivers, Mr. Cleland worked at Interward Capital Corporation from 1998 to 2001 originally as an analyst, and later as Associate Portfolio Manager, specializing in technology equities. In 1997/1998 he was the research associate to the senior telecom services analyst at Midland Walwyn.
Mr. Cleland has an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree (1997) from Harvard University and earned his CFA designation in 2001.



Periscope Capital is a Canadian alternative investment management company. The Periscope Fund targets arbitrage opportunities across mispriced securities within the Canadian Market. The Fund employs multiple investment strategies and invest in securities across the capital structures of a wide variety of Canadian issuers. Periscope Capital is a registered investment manager in the categories of Investment Counsel and Portfolio Manager (“ICPM”), Limited Market Dealer (“LMD”), and Commodity Trading Counsel and Commodity Trading Manager (“CTM”).
The investment objective of the Periscope Fund is to achieve superior risk adjusted investment returns. The Fund will maintain a diversified portfolio across strategies and industry sectors and employs a hedged approach within the investment process in order to preserve capital and mitigate risk. Periscope believes that inefficiencies within the structural composition of the Canadian market present the fund with an opportunity to realize a sustainable competitive advantage over the long term. With a proven track record in trading these investment strategies, Periscope is well positioned to achieve an above average risk adjusted return over time.

Jamie Wise

CFA, President and Chief Investment Officer
Jamie Wise is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Periscope Capital. Prior to launching Periscope, Mr. Wise was a Managing Director at Moore Capital Advisors Canada, a multi-strategy Canadian focused hedge fund with $800MM in equity capital. At Moore Capital, Mr. Wise had broad responsibilities including investment selection across the capital structure, leading internal investment teams and implementing portfolio hedging strategies.
Prior to Moore Capital, Mr. Wise was a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at the Bank of Montreal where he led an internal proprietary trading group specializing in North American capital structure arbitrage and volatility strategies including convertible bond trading. At BMO, Mr. Wise was appointed the youngest Managing Director in the firm’s history. Prior to his role at BMO, Mr. Wise was a vice-president at Citigroup where he managed the Canadian equity derivatives trading business from 1998 to 2001. His team specialized in equity and index derivatives trading, volatility arbitrage and corporate derivatives structuring.
Mr. Wise has an undergraduate business degree (hons.), graduating first in his class from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario in 1998. Mr. Wise earned his CFA designation in 2000.



Polar Securities is a Canadian hedge fund management firm, established in 1991. It has 23 employees with offices in Toronto and Calgary. Polar manages two hedge funds; North Pole, a Canadian focused multi-strategy fund and Altairis, a US focused long/short fund.

Paul Mayer

Director of Sales
Paul graduated from Queen’s University in 1992 with a Bachelor in Political Science. He joined Mackenzie Financial Corp. in 1993 and became a VP of Sales and Marketing. In 2004, Paul left Mackenzie to pursue his MBA at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.
He joined Polar in early 2007. He speaks English, French and German, with an understanding of Spanish.



Quadrexx is a Canadian-based asset management firm with offices in Toronto and Calgary. Quadrexx focuses on alternative investment products such as Private Equity, Wealth Management services and fund management services.
Quadrexx was founded in March 2003 by Miklos Nagy and Tony Sanfelice. Mr. Nagy is President and CEO of the firm. He is a Canadian hedge fund expert and co-author of the book “Hedge Funds for Canadians”. Mr. Nagy is also Chairman and co-founder of Canadian Hedge Watch Inc., a leader in hedge fund media information and education Chair of CIFPs (Canadian Institute of Financial Planners Association), member of the Board of the LMD/Exempt Market Dealers Association of Canada, a member of the CFA Institute, the Toronto CFA Society, and a founding member of the CFA Society of Hungary, Budapest.
Quadrexx develops alternative investment products and strategies by employing unique and innovative investment methodologies. The company’s goal is to make these products more readily available to mid to high net worth investors. Quadrexx distributes its products mainly through specialized financial advisors and life insurance agents.
Quadrexx has also been following the development of investible hedge fund indices which it recognizes as a potentially useful type of investment due to lower risks and because they avoid the problems inherent in relying on a Fund of Hedge Funds manager’s ability to pick the right mix of underlying hedge funds. Quadrexx, in collaboration with Canadian Hedge Watch Inc., launched in November 2007, the Canadian Hedge Watch Index Plus, Canada’s first investible hedge fund index.
In addition to Private Wealth Management and Fund Management, Quadrexx is also active in structuring Private Equity Limited Partnerships. Quadrexx’s latest offering, Diversified Assets LP II, will shortly be open for subscription and invests in uncorrelated private equity investments and the Canadian Hedge Watch Index Plus fund.
For additional information please contact Miklos Nagy at 416.216.4632 x2229 nagy@quadrexx.com or visit www.quadrexx.com.

Jeff Parent

B.Eng., FCSI, Head of Wealth Management, Associate Portfolio Manager
Jeff Parent has been in the investment industry since 1992. He began his career as an investment advisor and is now an associate portfolio manager and head of Quadrexx's Wealth Management division. He appears regularly on national TV, is a recognized author, public speaker and investment educator. Jeff has a degree in Engineering and is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. He is a past president of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and an associate member of the Market Technicians Association.



Quantum Global Financial Corporation (QGF) offers discretionary investment management services to institutions and high net worth accredited investors in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and United States.
Our expertise is available to endowments, pension plans, foundations, hedge funds, funds of funds, and accredited investors who seek aggressive risk adjusted returns. Coming soon QGF will expand operations in Asian Pacific countries.
QGF’s Holon Fund has performed exceptionally well since inception on July 8, 2008 as certified by KPMG. We use a unique systematic quantitative approach that is dynamically self-adapting.

Michele Vincenti

Michele has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, both as a consultant and as an executive in financial institutions.
He is partner and VP Finance for Quantum Global Financial Corp (QGF).
Quantum Global Financial Corp provides financial expertise to its clients delivering high quality services and outstanding investment returns to date.
Prior to QGF he was the owner and operator of a large insurance agency in Italy, and he was the manager of the Wealth Management Division for a Canadian Credit Union. Michele is still an international management consultant specialized in financial services.
Quantum Global Financial Corp considers itself a leader in the futures, commodity and currency markets, because its proprietary forecasting models have yielded high performance on a risk adjusted basis.
Michele is considered particularly skilled in managing relationships and helping companies during the difficult challenges of change. He is a strong and enthusiastic motivator, and he works with a high level of integrity with his clients.
Michele is an Associate Faculty member in different International Universities where he teaches Finances, Strategy and Leadership courses.
Michele is currently enrolled in his PhD, Human and Organizational Systems, with Fielding University in Santa Barbara, California USA.



The RCM Special Situations Fund (“Fund”), managed by RCM Partners Inc. (“RCM”), is an opportunistic special situations fund focused on taking advantage of the best riskadjusted opportunities in the Canadian marketplace. RCM employs a value-based, capital structure agnostic approach to uncover long and short opportunities that arise due to company-specific, rather than market-driven, factors. The Fund typically seeks investment opportunities across all industries in companies that are: underfollowed or misunderstood; mispriced relative to intrinsic asset values; undergoing certain corporate events.
RCM believes that its collective experience in hedge fund strategies, private equity, M&A and corporate finance provide a unique filter in which to assess opportunities. RCM’s portfolio is run on a “best-ideas” basis and will generally consist of between 20-30 long and short positions across all parts of the capital structure, including equity, debt, privately negotiated transactions, as well as other instruments that will allow RCM to express its fundamental view.

Michael Ruscetta

President, Chief Investment Officer
Prior to founding RCM, Michael co-headed Goldman Sachs’ Canadian Special Situations Group, a multistrategy proprietary investing group which is part of the ~ $30 billion Global Special Situations Group. At Goldman Sachs, Michael was responsible for overseeing an investment portfolio spanning public equities, bonds, bank loans and private equity. Before joining Goldman Sachs, Michael was a Managing Director in the Toronto office of Amaranth Advisors where he was responsible for sourcing, assessing and executing investments across multiple industry sectors, parts of the capital structure and investment strategies. While at Amaranth, Michael was also responsible for the development of the merchant banking strategy and expansion of the fundamental investing business. As part of these responsibilities, he oversaw the recruitment of both senior and junior level professionals. In his 5 years at Goldman Sachs and Amaranth, he was responsible for investments aggregating $1.3 billion in value, generating over $350 million of gross profits and annualized returns in excess of 30%.
Prior to joining Amaranth, Michael gained principal investing and merchant banking experience at CIBC and as an original junior partner at Edgestone Capital Markets. Michael holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business and a BA from the University of Toronto.



Founded in 2000, Silvercreek is a Toronto-based investment counselor and portfolio manager. Key investment products include a convertible bond fund and a value-oriented balanced hedge fund.

Bryn Joynt

Bryn is a principal of Silvercreek Management Inc. and is responsible for the operations of the business, including client service, accounting and risk management.
He is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years experience including nearly five years with PricewaterhouseCoopers as well as several years in the banking and brokerage industries. Prior to joining Silvercreek, Bryn worked as the Controller and Business Manager for the Global Markets business at Deutsche Bank.
Bryn holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University and is a Chartered Accountant (C.A.)



SRE Securities Canada Inc. (“SRES Canada”) was formed in 2008 to manage funds for individuals and institutions that invest in the public real estate securities sector. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, SRES Canada is an affiliated entity of Starwood Real Estate Securities, L.L.C. of Greenwich, CT. Andrew Moffs, President & Portfolio Manager of SRES Canada, has over eight years of real estate securities experience and is a former member of the investment team at the affiliate Starwood Real Estate Securities, L.L.C. and at ABP Investments US.

Andrew Moffs

Andrew Moffs is the President of SRE Securities Canada Inc (SRES Canada).
Established in 2008, SRES Canada is an affiliated entity of Starwood Real Estate Securities, L.L.C. From March 2006 to June 2008, Mr. Moffs was an Analyst and Portfolio Manager at Waterfall Investments Inc. in Toronto, Canada, covering global real estate companies, consumer stocks, and Canadian income trusts. He was co-Portfolio Manager of Neutral LP, a market-neutral hedge fund.
From 2004 to 2006, Mr. Moffs was a Senior Analyst at Starwood Real Estate Securities, L.L.C. in Greenwich, CT, covering a broad universe of public real estate securities, including REITs, lodging and gaming companies, homebuilders, and real estate finance companies. From 2002 to 2004, Mr. Moffs was an Analyst covering real estate securities for ABP Investments US, Inc. in New York, NY. With an invested capital of €215 billion, ABP ranks among the top three pension funds in the world.
Mr. Moffs began his career as an Analyst in 2000 in the Investment Banking Division of Salomon Smith Barney in New York, NY.
He received his BA in Economics from McGill University where he graduated with Great Distinction, and holds the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation.



Summerwood Capital Corp. is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as an Investment Counselor / Portfolio Manager. Summerwood develops leading-edge alternative funds and investment strategies. Summerwood is led by Phil Schmitt who is a pioneer in developing new financial products and services.

Faran Siddiqui

Faran is an Associate Portfolio Manager with Summerwood Capital Corp. From January 2003 to October 2007, Faran worked as a Trading Strategist for Polar Securities Inc., a Toronto based multi-strategy hedge fund manager.
Mr. Siddiqui was engaged in a series of contract positions from March 2000 to December 2002, working in the areas of Risk Management and algorithmic trading systems for a variety of firms including TD Canada Trust, CIBC, and Polar Securities Inc.
From September 1996 to March 2000, he worked as the Treasury Risk Position Manager for Canada Trust. Prior to September 1996, Mr. Siddiqui worked at the Asset/Liability Management Group in various roles, the latest as a Portfolio Manager and the Systems Manager.



A premier Canadian private equity investment firm, VG Partners builds innovative companies into global successes. Since 1982, we have invested over $1.3 billion in almost 200 North American companies, working alongside business owners to maximize potential. Our investment team provides a breadth of industry experience within technology, life sciences, industrial and consumer sectors, as well as a hands-on approach that is unparalleled. VG Partners is part of VenGrowth Private Equity Partners Inc.
Your business could be the next to benefit from a partnership with VG Partners.

Graham McBride

Graham joined VenGrowth in 2003. He has over 20 years of key financial experience. Before joining VenGrowth, Graham was a Managing Director in the $1.2 billion private investing arm of a Schedule I Canadian bank, where he built and managed the team responsible for its $200 million mezzanine fund.
Prior to that, Graham was a principal responsible for originating, structuring and managing subordinated debt financings at a private, $300 million fund company. As well, he’s also held vital roles responsible for managing debt and capital pools on behalf of pension funds and life insurance firms.
Graham is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) degree.



The Vision Opportunity Funds (the “Vision Funds” or the “Funds”) have a primary focus on the real estate sector, and invest predominantly in publicly traded equity and debt securities. The Funds target investments to outperform on a medium term, risk adjusted basis. The Funds use a long-short strategy, and can make concentrated investments in the Manager’s best ideas and themes. The Managers selectively employ active investing strategies. While the Funds have some flexibility to invest outside Canada, they operate with a primary focus in Canada. The Vision Funds employ minimal leverage, with an absolute maximum of 25%.
The Vision Funds manager is Vision Capital Corporation (“Vision” or the “Manager”), a registrant with the Ontario Securities Commission. Vision benefits from the experience, expertise, insights and relationships of its portfolio managers, Frank Mayer and Jeffrey Olin. Previously Frank Mayer was a top-ranked Canadian real estate investment analyst and senior executive for over thirty five years. Jeffrey Olin has over twenty five years of senior level, corporate and investment industry experience, with ten years in the real estate industry and fifteen years in investment banking and senior management positions.

Frank Mayer

Frank Mayer is Chairman of Vision Capital Corporation, an investment counseling and portfolio management company which manages the Vision Opportunity Funds.
Previously, Mr. Mayer was a top-ranked Canadian real estate research analyst for thirty-five years, and recognized as such by leading independent surveys including Brendan Wood, Starmine and Greenwich. He has experience with both global and Canadian investment dealers including UBS (Bunting Warburg) and HSBC Securities. Most recently, Mr. Mayer was Vice Chairman and a Senior Real Estate Analyst at Desjardins Securities Inc. for four years. His senior executive management experience included roles as Head of Research, member of the Office of the President, Chairman and Vice Chairman. Frank is also currently a Director of Quest Capital Corporation a TSX and NYSE AMEX Equities listed company.
Mr. Mayer graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Commerce, and from the University of Toronto with a MA in Economics.

Jeffrey Olin

Jeffrey Olin is President and CEO of Vision Capital Corporation, an investment counseling and portfolio management company which manages the Vision Opportunity Funds.
Between 1993 and 1997 Mr. Olin served as the Managing Partner, Ontario and Head of Investment Banking with Desjardins Securities, a $150 billion financial institution. Mr. Olin was previously a Managing Director with HSBC Securities and a Vice President with Canaccord Capital. As an investment banker, Mr. Olin was the Lead Manager & M&A advisor with direct responsibility for over 70 transactions representing over $5 billion in value. He has served as a key advisor to many of Canada’s leading corporate, institutional, and family-owned real estate enterprises.
Mr. Olin is a graduate from the Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern University in Chicago with an MBA. He received his Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Toronto.



* Canadian Hedge Watch Inc. (CHW) is pleased to provide the Fund Manager Showcase segment of the Summit for industry gathering. CHW’s role is simply as a conference medium for hedge funds and alternative investments. CHW does not provide advice or investment recommendations and our facilitation of the Fund Manager Showcase segments of the Summit should not be misconstrued as a recommendation from CHW regarding investing specifically in any of the funds showcased.